Sunday September 8 to Friday September 13, 2019

Note: This schedule is preliminary and it is subject to change at any time up until the start of the event while activities are finalized. The final schedule will be made available to all TT West 2019 attendees at the event. Also, the distances listed are approximate and can change due to weather, road construction and/or other unforeseen circumstances, so please view these distances as best estimates.

Sunday September 8, 2019: Optional Drive through Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is a spectacular park whose description is here.

03:00 Early sign-in for registered attendees at host hotel
03:45 Drivers meeting
04:00 Garden of Gods drive ending at restaurant (TBD)

Distance: 30 miles (approximately)

Weather: Colorado Springs (current)

Monday September 9, 2019: Colorado Springs > Cripple Creek > Monarch Pass > Crested Butte

Final sign-in session in Colorado Springs. Depart Colorado Springs with our first stop in picturesque Cripple Creek Historic District for lunch. We then take some challenging twisty mountain roads towards our next stop at the Continental Divide at Monarch Pass Summit at 11,000+ feet. We end in the scenic old coal mining town turned ski resort of Crested Butte.

08:00 TT West final sign-in for registered attendees
09:45 Drivers meeting
10:00 Depart for Cripple Creek
11:15 Arrive Cripple Creek
12:45 Depart parking lot at Myers Avenue and Rt 67 (2nd Street) in Cripple Creek for Monarch Pass Summit
03:15 At Monarch Pass
03:45 Depart Monarch Pass
05:15 Arrive Crested Butte

Distance: 230 miles (approximately)

Weather: Colorado Springs (current) | Cripple Creek (current) | Monarch Pass (current) | Crested Butte (current)

Tuesday September 10, 2019: Crested Butte > Ridgway > Ouray > Durango

The morning includes driving through the beautiful Curecanti National Recreation Area that has several lakes. We stop in Ridgway for lunch and also visit artist John Billings at his studio where he crafts the Grammys and other works of art. After lunch we take a short trip to Cascade Falls Park in Ouray for a short hike that follows seven waterfalls. Finally we drive the very scenic mountainous Million Dollar Highway to the fun Old Town area of Durango.

08:30 Drivers meeting
08:45 Depart
11:00 Arrive Ridgway for Billings Artworks studio & museum at 609 Clinton Street, and lunch
01:00 Depart Ridgway Mountain Market, 490 Sherman Street for Cascade Falls Park
01:15 Arrive at Cascade Falls
02:15 Depart Cascade Falls
04:00 Arrive Durango

Distance: 200 miles (approximately)

Weather: Crested Butte (current) | Ridgway (current) | Silverton (current) | Durango(current)

Wednesday September 11, 2019: Durango > Aztec Ruins National Monument > Taos

One hour south of Durango is the largest and best preserved historic Native American Kiva in North America among the ancient Indian ruins of Aztec Ruins National Monument. After our visit we will eat lunch and then head to Taos with some comfort stops along the way. The most challenging part of today’s drive will be crossing the mountains in the Carson National Forest.

09:00 Drivers meting
09:15 Depart for Aztec Ruins
10:00 Arrive Aztec Ruins
11:00 Depart for Bloomfield NM
11:15 Arrive in Bloomfield for lunch
12:45 Depart for Taos from the First Baptist Church parking lot at 201 N 1st Street
04:45 Arrive Taos with a comfort stop at the Wild Horse casino east of Dulce and a vista stop at the Rio Grand Gorge overlook

Distance: 235 miles (approximately)

Weather: Durango (current) | Bloomfield (current) | Taos (current)

Thursday September 12, 2019: Layover in Taos and The Enchanted Circle Drive

Spend the day seeing the sights along the Enchanted Circle scenic byway ending at the Taos Pueblo which has been inhabited for over 1,000 years. Description of the Enchanted Circle route and attractions can be found here. Another downtown Taos attraction you may want to visit on your own is the San Francisco de Asis Church built in the late 18th century.

09:00 Drivers Meeting
09:15 Depart for Eagle Lake State Park
10:15 Arrive at Eagle Lake Visitor Center ($5 per car fee included in Registration Fee)
10:45 Depart for Red River with pull-out at Elizabeth ghost town
11:30 Arrive at Red River and lunch
01:00 Depart Brandenburg Park (Jumping Jack Trail and Rt 38 Main Street) in Red River for Taos Pueblo
02:00 Arrive at Pueblo. On your own for the rest of the day ($14 per person fee included in Registration Fee). Pueblo closes at 04:30.

Distance: 108 miles (approximately)

Weather: Taos (current)

Friday, September 13, 2019: Taos > El Santuario > Los Alamos > Bandelier > Santa Fe

We drive through the twisties of Santa Fe National Forest to our first stop at the historic El Santuario de Chimayo Church. We then drive to lunch in historic Los Alamos, home of the Top Secret Manhattan Project atomic bomb design complex during WW2. During lunch you are on your own to visit a nearby museum covering the Manhattan Project. We then go the ancient cliff dwellings at Bandelier National Monument. We end the trip in historic Old Town Sante Fe and our farewell evening dinner. There is a famous sidewalk bazaar of Native American crafts in the Old Town area on Saturday morning. Also downtown is the San Miguel chapel, the oldest church in the United States started in the mid-17th century.

08:15 Drivers Meeting
08:30 Depart for El Santuario via scenic route 518 and 76
09:30 Arrive at El Santuario
10:20 Depart for Los Alamos
11:00 Arrive in Los Alamos and lunch. Also visit the free Bradbury Science Museum about the Manhattan Project at 1350 Central Avenue.
01:00 Depart Ashley Pond Park (20’th St and Rt 502 Trinity Drive) for Bandelier National Monument
01:30 Arrive at Bandelier
03:00 Depart Bandeleir for Old Town Santa Fe
04:00 Arrive Santa Fe
06:00 Farewell dinner

Distance: 128 miles (approximately)

Weather: Taos (current) | Santa Clara Pueblo (current) | Los Alamos (current) | Santa Fe (current)