Note: This schedule is preliminary and it is subject to change at any time up until the start of the event while activities are finalized. The final schedule will be made available to all TT West 2021 attendees at the event. Also, the distances listed are approximate and can change due to weather, road construction and/or other unforeseen circumstances, so please view these distances as best estimates.

Sunday October 10, 2021 – Grand Junction, Colorado

There will be an optional drive along the Grand Mesa Scenic Byway (110 miles round trip). The Fall colors of the trees should be at their prime and the road has lots of twisties. The host hotel is the Hampton Inn downtown at 205 Main Street.

01:00 PM – TT West early registration in the Hampton Inn parking lot behind the hotel.
01:30 PM – Drivers meeting.
02:00 PM – Depart.
03:00 PM – Arrive at Grand Mesa National Forest Visitor Center. On your own to hike the trails, drive by the many lakes, or stop at one of the several lodges.
04:30 PM – Return as a group from the Visitor Center to Grand Junction.
05:30 PM – Arrive at Hampton Inn.

Monday October 11, 2021 – Grand Junction to Moab (150 miles)

We begin with a drive through the colorful cliffs of the Colorado National Monument, then take I-70 east to the ghost town of Cisco, Utah which was seen in films like Vanishing Point and Thelma & Louise. We then travel to Moab via the Colorado River over one of the most spectacular drives in the Western US. After arriving in Moab for lunch we enter Arches National Park and go to a vista of the Delicate Arch featured on Utah license plates.

Entrance fees to all Federal Facilities we visit during TT West are not included in the TT West registration fee since most participants already have annual or lifetime passes.

07:30 AM – TT West final registration in the Hampton Inn parking lot behind the hotel.
08:00 AM – Drivers Meeting.
08:15 AM – Depart for Colorado National Monument.
09:15 AM – Arrive Visitor Center. Make use to use the bathrooms since this will be the last bathroom stop before arriving in Moab. You will see some porta-potties along the Colorado River but there is inadequate room for the entire group to stop anywhere along the Colorado.
09:45 AM – Depart for Cisco, Utah.
10:45 AM – Arrive Cisco, Utah.
11:00 AM – Depart for Moab, Utah.
Noon – Arrive at La Quinta Inn 815 South Main St, Moab, Utah, and lunch.
01:45 PM – Depart for Arches National Monument.
02:30 PM – Arrive at Lower Delicate Arch Viewpoint. Rest of day is on your own to explore Arches.

Tuesday October 12, 2021 – Moab Region (250 miles)

We explore Canyonlands National Park. we will start south to the Needles Overlook, return to Moab for lunch, and then head north to the Grand View Overlook and back to Moab again.

08:00 AM – Driver Meeting in La Quinta lot.
08:15 AM – Depart for Needles District Visitor Center.
09:30 AM – Arrive Visitor Center.
10:00 AM – Depart for Big Spring Canyon Overlook.
10:15 AM – Arrive at Overlook.
10:45 AM – Depart Overlook for La Quinta.
Noon – Arrive Host Hotel and lunch.
01:30 PM – Depart for Island in the Sky Visitor Center.
02:00 PM – Arrive at Visitor center.
02:30 PM – Depart for Grand View Point Overlook.
03:00 PM – Arrive at Grand View Point. Rest of Day is on your own to explore Canyonlands.

Wednesday October 13, 2021 – Moab to Canyon de Chelly via Monument Valley (255 miles)

On our way to Monument Valley we stop at the Goosenecks of the San Juan River. As we head south the rise of the monuments in Monument Valley on the horizon is truly spectacular. We stop at a roadside Navajo jewelry and crafts stand for a Monument Valley photo op near one of the scenes used in the movie Forest Gump. Then lunch at The View Hotel inside Monument Valley Tribal Park. Finally we head to the historic Thunderbird Lodge and Trading Post at Canyon de Chelly National Monument in Chinle, Arizona.

The Goosenecks Overlook is free. Entrance to Monument Valley Tribal Park is included in the registration fee.

08:00 AM – Driver Meeting.
08:15 AM – Depart for Bluff, Utah.
10:00 AM – Arrive at Twin Rocks Trading Post in Bluff for shopping and last comfort stop before Monument Valley Tribal Park.
10:20 AM – Depart Twin Rocks.
10:40 AM – Arrive Goosenecks State Park.
11:00 AM – Depart for Monument Valley with an intermediate photo/shopping stop.
12:15 PM – Arrive at The View Resort in Monument Valley.
01:45 PM – Depart for Thunderbird Lodge in Canyon de Chelly.
03:30 PM – Arrive at Thunderbird Lodge in Chinle, Arizona.
05:30 PM – Meet in front of the Lodge office for the optional Canyon rim drive to see the valleys you will be exploring tomorrow, particularly Spider Rock.
07:30 PM – Return from Rim Drive.

Thursday October 14, 2021 – Tour of Canyon de Chelly National Monument

We spend the day on a guided tour through the bottom of this spectacular canyon that features 1000’ sheer cliffs, ancient pueblo ruins, and ancient rock art in 10 passenger open-air all terrain vehicles. This canyon is one of the most spectacular gems of the southwest that remains relatively undiscovered. It is an amazing mash-up of ancient ruins like those at Mesa Verde and incredible geological features like the Grand Canyon. The canyon dirt roads are much too rough for our TTs, streams may have to be forded several times, and non-Navajos are prohibited without a guide.

The tour lasts approximately 8 hours. The first canyon for the day is Canyon De Chelly and includes the highlights of Spider Rock and White House Ruins. You will travel the full length of Canyon De Chelly, traveling to the base of the towering 800 foot monolith of Spider Rock, where canyon walls rise over 1000 feet. White House Ruins and many other ruins are along the way in the lower canyon. This portion of the trip exceeds 32 miles.

The next leg of your tour is Canyon Del Muerto. You will travel almost the full length of Canyon Del Muerto with Mummy Cave, Antelope House Ruin and Navajo Fortress being the highlights of this canyon. Mummy Cave is a partially restored ancestral apartment complex constructed under an arching overhang in the weathered sandstone. At Antelope House, colored drawings of antelope created at the beginning of the last century are side by side with creations of the Ancestral Pueblo. Canyon walls at Antelope House Ruin arch into the canyon over the stream bed below. The round trip for this canyon exceeds thirty miles.

Lunch, snacks, and drinks are provided. There are porta-potties along the route. Canyon residents will have jewelry, art, weavings, and other crafts for sale. Wear layers as the morning can be cold in the open-air vehicles but it will likely be very warm by mid-day. Bring sunscreen, sunglasses and/or hat, binoculars, and your camera for once in a lifetime photos.

Cost of the tour and tip for the tour guide is included in the registration fee.

08:45 AM – Assemble at tour vehicles in front of the Lodge office
09:00 AM – Depart
05:00 PM – Approximate return time

Friday October 15, 2021 – Canyon de Chelly to Winslow via Petrified Forest (180 miles)

We head to the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert Overlook, then on to Holbrook, Arizona for lunch and a photo op at the classic Wigwam Village motel. On our way to Winslow, Arizona we may stop at the Homolovi Ruins State Park to explore ancient Native American ruins and/or visit the Little Painted Desert overlook. After arriving in Winslow, Arizona we will be re-creating the Eagles classic song “standing on a corner” for a photo op and stay at the historic Santa Fe Railroad’s La Posada hotel built in 1929. The group dinner at La Posada’s Turquoise Room is not included in the registration fee, but please note that a 20% tip will automatically be added to your bill.

The Painted Desert Overlook is free. Entrance fee to the Homolovi Ruins (an Arizona State Park) is not included in the registration fee due to the uncertainty that we will have time to visit there.

08:00 AM – Driver Meeting.
08:15 AM – Depart for Painted Desert.
09:45 AM – Arrive Visitor Center.
10:15 AM – Tour Petrified Forest.
12:15 PM – Arrive Holbrook, Arizona for lunch.
01:30 PM – Assemble for photos at the Wigwam Village motel, 811 West Hopi Drive, Holbrook, Arizona.
01:45 PM – Depart for Winslow, Arizona.
02:15 PM – Arrive at Little Painted Desert and/or Homolovi Ruins.
03:00 PM – Depart for La Posada, Winslow, Arizona.
03:15 PM – Arrive at La Posada 303 East 2nd Street, Winslow, Arizona and “standing on a corner” photos.
05:45 PM – Dinner at La Posada’s Turquoise Room.